FAQs about how to host a Christmas party with your women and your friends

What if there is a meeting of 20 people?

I make a pig leg that weighs 7 or 8 kilos. It is also rich to serve with chutney or other sweet and sour sauces prepared at the moment. And as for salads, it goes with beets and apples or combines those things with pork. The variety is endless.

And if we were least ten people, I do a leg of lamb. Are pieces of meat, as the Spanish say, “make merry.” The same piece is already attractive and does not have the complication of roast, prepared, in general, on hot nights. This leg can be done and retains much heat. After the envolves in foil until lunchtime and ready.

Is it advisable to have everyone bring something?

Okay, yes. They can help with salads. If you do the leg of lamb, someone can make a cous cous, others, a salad of eggplant and tomatoes … U others can bring you the drink. The important thing is to get organized with time and suggest to everyone what they can bring. Because if we do not agree, we all ended up eating green salad that is very simple. You have to make a list and ask everyone what it will bring. For example, if someone proposes the champagne, bring cold. Because having this drink outside temperature is a problem.

And the dessert?

Desserts have to be light, with a little cream. We are in full season fruit, then the southern Conectémonos with Christmas not with the North, which makes 25 degrees below zero.

I always offer a crown of cherries with a bowl of melted chocolate, then each pecking. Then I work on the table with sugared sweet, nougat, panettone and, if any, fruit salad. It is important to think with your head to make the list because we often think with the stomach. And it is reaching people with fountains and fountains and the hostess goes crazy because they have nowhere to put them.

What guests should avoid?

Controversial. Although it is a very special day, because usually, families get together and sometimes we can not avoid. But at the time of placing them must have common sense. Around the most controversial guest must sit him with the host, because the homeowner will be able to master the situation.

The first thing you have to consider the location is that most people never have to be at the top of the table. When the family sits, the order of hierarchy is greater at younger ages.

What topics of conversation there is clearly on the table?

I always say that are common: that day will not have to talk about politics or football, or topics that usually touch. Christmas is a spiritual moment. Nor should we let guests make catharsis because we all ended up crying and is not the idea. Try to rescue the magic and the unique charm that date.

What does the homeowner if two diners start arguing?

The hosts are the first to have to divert the issues. Tell a joke or discontinue, but under no point of view to observe the situation and stay out, because it can end badly. When we have many guests, it is important for homeowners to interact with everyone.

What if we brought some gifts and not others?

Always point number one is to get organized. That is something that also has to speak to food. The system that comes better every family is used. But everyone has to make a commitment. “What to buy my wife for christmas” :)) you should think of that first.Mrszeee.com has made a great list about it,so check it out for more ideas for your wife this season.

Is it better to receive at home or be invited to one?

(Laughter) When one is asked is great. I think this will be the first Christmas outside my house and I’m already rejoicing. For those who put a lot of energy to receive it is also nice that we receive.

And guest must also ask what to wear?

It corresponds guest bring a gift, not to all people, but if the hosts. It can be a gift for the home or one for each. You have to buy something that you know you will like them, and if that person has children, you also have to think about them. And of course, if you can offer to collaborate with something.

What must we provide at 12?

On the shelves, there are a variety: Pink, Sec, Demisec, Nature, Brut, Extra Brut, and all derivatives. That name has to do with the degree of sugar having the drink. The sweeter, richer desserts to toast. That is the case of Sec or Demisec, contrary to what one thinks. The Demisec is the foaming to toast desserts. And the Brut, Extra Brut, Brut Nature and Nature are those with less added sugar. These are ideal both to provide with food because they are the driest.

And what gives someone who does not drink alcohol?

You can prepare a fruit-based drink. We always know if there is a vegetarian or someone who does not drink alcohol in the family. So it’s good to have something special. It is a way to show that we were thinking about them.

Any final advice?

I want to insist that they are the most important holidays of the year, where we meet with the family in a special way and is right to enjoy. That is the most important. Otherwise, the rest is distorted. Gifts, tree, table, candles, magic and everything we put not going to do anything because we will not go over well.


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