Camping…. Kinda

This long weekend we had planned on taking the entire family out to a local campsite right after church for an overnight stay in our new humungous tent. Well, because of poor planning and the power of assumption, we ended up camping in the backyard. You see, the local campsite is closed on Sunday nights and we would have had to drive a couple hours to camp (which just isn’t going to happen with two angry kids and a toddler). To keep things copacetic in the FPL household, we compromised and camped out in the backyard. This was a win-win. I could still pee ten times at night and not worry about getting eaten by a wild Texas animal (I do have juicy thighs) and the baby could sleep in her room if she woke up screaming (instead of bothering the other campers). Plus the hubs got to catch The Walking Dead and the kids still got their MREs. We all had a fabulous time. Next time we, the parents, will plan better. Check out the pics below. Do you go camping with your family?

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